Next up….

I started working on a new project today for the layout. I discovered some more great materials for this one by following a fine modeler who is modeling a Railserve line in HO scale. His YouTube channel is: John2618

His project was adding unloading hoses to his ADM facility, while I needed hoses for my Holsum Baking for syrup tank car unloading as well. What he found was rubber tubing at Michael’s which is perfect for HO scale hoses. A photo of this product below:

He also added .015 inch music wire inside the tubing to be able to bend it to fit. I used .015 inch wire from K&S for my project. Extra parts from Walther’s piping kit were used for his and my project including these shown below:

Finally, as shown above, I used the black tubing for the main supply line, with the white tubing leading to the tank cars off the connectors also seen above. An overall view of all the piping below. All I need to do is to install all this and connect it to the existing piping coming out of the building. I’ll update this when finished:

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