This week on the Hitop:

This week on the Hitop found us following the Nitro turn coming up to Spring Street and swapping trains with the Spring Street turn out of Dickinson. We followed the Nitro turn after switching out Paxton Salvage, Allied Chemical, and Holsum Baking. Photos below of this action:

Ready to pull out from yard office to switch Holsum
Pulling loads out of Allied Chemical
On runaround track to pull loads out of Paxton Salvage
Coupling up to caboose after pulling Paxton Salvage
Nitro turn headed to Spring Street

In the meantime, the Spring Street turn with engine 7394 came up from Dickinson with tank cars for both Allied and Holsum. Here below are photos of him in Spring Street working:

7394 on the Spring Street turn waiting to start work in Dickinson yard
Pulling cars brought out of Nitro while Alco 9806 is serviced
Some of the consist from Nitro before headed back to Dickinson on the Spring Street turn
Photo of the Spring Street turn coming back into Dickinson yard
While further East my friend catches the Nitro turn headed back to Nitro

An overall great day of catching train action in the Kanawha Valley!

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