Another suggestion….

Another suggestion during the first operating session was to come up with a system where some cars would not be moved due to still being loaded or unloaded. An excellent idea, which I finally took care of yesterday and today.

I went to our local OfficeDepot and purchased a package of Avery address labels #8176. These would fit perfectly on the Micro-Mark card pockets my waybills go in. I had these printed with the connotation shown below. When a car is not to be moved, the entire card pocket is simply turned around as shown. I believe this one will work!

A boxcar still being unloaded at Fowler Plumbing Supply

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  1. I’ve also seen people add to this by dropping a blue pushpin into the coupler. Kind of works like a blue flag or the metal blue warning markers seen around industries. The crew might have to “call” the plant manager for permission to pull the blue flag, move the car, replace the car, and reset the blue flag.


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