My YouTube channel is history….

Today, due to draconian government regulations concerning content on platforms such as YouTube, I have deleted my Hitop channel with videos from my layout. Although of course these were model railroad videos, and from what I understand from what I have read concerning the regulations meant to protect children under the age of thirteen, I would have had to mark my video content “not for children under 13” which is ludicrous. Model railroading should be a hobby for ALL ages. However, it is now apparently up to the FTC to determine what channels and content is and isn’t appropriate for this age group. Therefore, going forward, I will only post occasional videos as blog posts, and keep my fingers crossed this government doesn’t further erode my rights…..


  1. I just marked all of mine as not intended for children under 13. I don’t know if that means it will be blocked for those under 13 but my analytics show that I don’t get many viewers under 18.


  2. Bummer. Another overreach in the guise of protection. However, feel free to email me your videos anytime you want.
    Bill Michael


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