Sitting at a red block…..

Currently, I’m basically doing just that with the layout. Nothing really going on out at the layout at the moment as this month of February seems to be our coldest and snowiest month so far this winter. Snow most days of the month so far with some below zero temperatures at night.

Because of this, and a desire to get into another hobby I used to participate in, I’ve been working inside on painting and assembling models for this “new” hobby. This hobby I can participate in when we have weather such as this. This does not mean my love of model railroading has gone away however.

On the contrary, my next project when these current projects are finished is to build and weather this guy here:

This is a newer Accurail kit, similar to the NYC hopper I finished several months ago. This one will probably have lighter weathering on the car. I picked this up recently due partly to the fact of the empty car routing instructions on the side shown here:

I’ll update this further when I start the build on this one. Stay tuned!

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  1. Steve, looks like I’m not the only one building other models for another hobby at the same time as working on the trains. Many of us build other models in addition to the trains. Sometimes it gives you a great break from doing the same thing over and over again. Good for you! -Jeremy


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