Speaking of the hobby…..

In these difficult times, while we’re all on some sort of lockdown, it’s a good time in some respects for the hobby of model railroading. Even though we cannot have operating sessions, or enjoy our train clubs or train shows, we can still work and operate on our layouts.

In doing so, it’s a good time to support quality hobby shops and retailers. Again, even though most if not all physical brick and mortar stores are closed, mailorder is still an option. I strongly encourage those in the hobby to take advantage of these quality, well stocked shops, especially those independent shops.

Please notice I said quality, well stocked shops. I can’t think of a better shop than where I have done most of my past business, and that’s Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, Nebraska. I urge those in the hobby to especially support them at this time, as part of their income is made traveling around the country setting up at train shows. Of course with shows being canceled, it has to have an impact.

The great people at Spring Creek will gladly take care of you, their customer service is bar none, and they’re most always stocked with what you need. Add to this they ship by Priority mail, so you’ll receive your supplies quickly. Also, if you need two small detail parts, they’ll package it accordingly and charge shipping accordingly. In other words, they won’t charge you thirteen dollars to ship two small detail parts.

Here you’ll find Spring Creek: https://www.springcreekmodeltrains.com/