The Nitro turn….

As promised, recently we followed the Nitro turn up from Nitro to Spring Street yard, where it picked up cars from the Spring Street turn. The first spot we located the Nitro turn was right after he spotted two hoppers at Holsum Baking, and pulled two empty corn syrup tanks out. We next drive behind Holsum where we caught him picking up an empty boxcar at Davis Wholesale. Photos of this work below:

After parking these on the runaround track behind Holsum, the turn dropped down to Allied Chemical and picked up a string of tank cars as shown below:

We then caught the turn leaving the Nitro area, then followed him up to Spring Street yard as shown in the photos below:

After spotting his cars in the yard, the turn pulled over close to Sam and Mickey’s to have lunch:

As we ran out of time, we had to stop our railfanning here. Next time: we’ll follow the turn back to Nitro….


  1. Beautiful model work – both in the scenery and the rail cars themselves.

    It’s interesting that there’s a typo in the lettering on the Allied Chemical car!


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