That’s about what it takes some days on the Hitop Secondary when two turns meet. I’ll explain in more detail in a minute. We started out again early in the morning, with a breakfast of biscuits and gravy with sausage crumbles, along with flavored coffee. After going back in the kitchen for a second leisurely cup of coffee, we decided we’d better get a move on. I almost hated to leave that extra biscuit.

We got out on the road and headed over to Dickinson yard where we knew the Spring Street turn was going to head out with cars for Nitro. We also knew he had to pick up cars from the Nitro turn to bring back from Spring Street. Photos below of the Spring Street turn in Dickinson:

In the above bottom right photo is a photo of a WPRX car that was also in the consist, this photo is in Spring Street. The Spring Street turn also had two cabins on the rear end today, transferring one back over to Spring Street. One is shown in the upper left photo above. The hoppers were going to Holsum Baking while the Fruit Growers Express car was headed for Davis Wholesale.

We’ve already seen in the previous post where the Nitro turn had worked its industries, and had brought its cars up to Spring Street where it now awaited the Spring Street turn to arrive, which we caught below. The Nitro turn had actually backed up slightly into the Hitop Secondary to get in the clear:

Now, after the Spring Street turn dropped his cars off in the yard, he cleared up as the Nitro turn went to work pulling these cars out for the return trip to Nitro. As you may recall in a previous post, both turns swap cars here. Photos below of these maneuvers:

Next, we followed the Nitro turn out, as he left first headed back to Nitro. We caught him at several places in the valley as seen below:

Arriving back at Nitro, the turn then went to work spotting his cars at both Davis Wholesale and at Holsum as seen in the series of photos below:

For some reason, we didn’t snap a photo of the PC hopper at Holsum. In the photo above bottom right the Nitro crew have parked their power at the yard office and are inside turning in their paperwork. The power will await the next trick.

Stay tuned as next time we’ll cover the Spring Street turn putting his train together and headed back to Dickinson. We’ll follow with the next blog post following the Morris Fork turn with leased power….

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