The Morris Fork turn….

This post I’ll cover the recent Morris Fork turn. But first, here below are photos of the latest Spring Street turn putting its train together in Spring Street yard, and returning to Dickinson yard behind GP9 7394:

Which left an empty Spring Street yard, except for one boxcar that the car department will have to take a look at:

Now onto the Morris Fork turn, this trip with leased power. We pulled into Dickinson yard a bit late, as after signing our release, we noticed the Morris Fork turn was already put together and about ready to depart westbound. Today’s power was leased PNC GP10 #3403, with an ex-PRR cabin bringing up the rear. Today’s consist included a PC forty foot boxcar headed for Morris Fork Hardware and Farm Supply, and a fifty-footer destined for Armitage Furniture which the Spring Street job would handle. Below are photos we took of the turn right before he departed:

We then of course followed him up the valley to Spring Street yard where the turn would have to runaround his train for entrance onto the Hitop Secondary proper. Photos below of the chase plus entering Spring Street:

As the forty foot box wasn’t in the right position to be spotted at the end of the branch, a bit of shuffling had to be done in the yard as seen below. Not taking too long,the turn was then headed the right direction to proceed up the Hitop:

We then followed the turn up through, over, and around the hills of the Secondary to catch the turn in various spots, including coming past Hitop and exiting one of the tunnels on the Hitop:

We then caught the turn after spotting the box at Morris Fork Hardware, then heading back downgrade caboose light towards Spring Street where once again the power would run around its caboose so as to be pointed the right direction for the run back to Dickinson:

After running back up the valley, we ended the trip catching 3403 stopped at the yard office in Dickinson to drop off their paperwork:


  1. Steve

    Nice job, I always enjoy your updates. You show what can be done with a small to medium size layout.

    Bill Michael


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