Hot off the press….

Just arrived on the Hitop, a nicely detailed Evans 50’ cushion coil car lettered for the DT&I. This car is a Walther’s car, and was purchased from the great gang at Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, Nebraska. I can’t recommend them enough for having the latest and greatest plus the hard to find, their great customer service, and their prompt shipping. Don’t settle for imitators, these great folks deliver!
This car will be used in conjunction with several others for use at the Peterson Tool Specialties kit by Walther’s. I intend to pick up this kit for use as some sort of steel manufacturer. Below is a photo of the Walther’s kit:

I’ve researched prototype photos of this coil car, and can’t come up with a good enough photo, so I’m going to have to perhaps use another prototype car for weathering purposes. Below is the car out of the box. I’ll post my weathered car when this project is finished. Stay tuned….!


  1. Steve, just read an article in MRH about turnout with DCC. The author talked about t(e necessity to use either frog juicers or stay alives or preferably both. Is that what you needed on the Hitop?

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