People, people, people….

People make the world work, and so must they on our layouts. Mine had been lacking in some areas up until this morning, when I added quite a few to the layout. These are Woodland Scenics figures. I would have preferred figures from Preiser, but didn’t want to wait until an order was filled and shipped. Photos below show these hard working, industrious residents of Kanawha County going about their daily business:

The photos above, starting with the top left: two miners are discussing recent events outside the mine at Hitop, next, two wives are exchanging gossip at the fence between their company houses, next up is a photo of a Red Ball Express driver about ready to climb up into his truck after loading up at Armitage Furniture. Below that photo we see a railroader with lunch pail in hand coming out of the Dickinson yard office, next, a rear end brakeman about ready to climb aboard his ex-NYC transfer caboose outside the Nitro yard office, next, two railroaders discuss the days plan outside the same yard office. Following that photo is the crane operator at Paxton-Sullivan scrap taking a break, next, a dock worker at Davis Wholesale steps outside for some air, and finally, a local resident looks for her keys to her classic Mercury outside Sam and Mickey’s grill.


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