History revisited….

A bit of prototype history today, history that concerns myself. If you’ve read the “About” section of this website, you’ll see where I did a stint with a prototype railroad, then a series of short lines around the Cincinnati area. Ironic that these lines in the Cincinnati area were ex NYC, PRR, and PC lines. I joined the Indiana and Ohio in 1983 as a brakeman/conductor. I left unfortunately in early 1988 due to a life changing event and moving out of the area. I enjoyed working for the railroad for the most part, and still miss railroading. I guess you really do get it in your blood. My last year with the railroad I was trained to inspect all the trackage of the I&O in the area. Due to a loss suffered in a burglary and vandalism of my house in Ohio, I only unfortunately have one photo of myself working on the railroad, which is below. I’m on the walkway in jeans and the jacket getting ready to fire up ex-BN GP7 1579, which would become I&O 51:

One of the best times in my life occurred in 1984 during the NRHS convention in Cincinnati where multiple steam locomotives led excursions out of Ludlow yard across the river from the city to various points on the compass. I was lucky enough to work the concession car during all of these trips, but also had the opportunity to scrub these steaming beasts down after several runs. I also was lucky enough to climb up into the cabs of these locomotives while cleaning. The photos below are my photos taken during the convention, and my photo of Southern 4501 in Ludlow in a different year:

Nowadays, I get to ride behind steam, especially narrow gauge steam, and take photos such as these below:

Still in love with railroads and railroading, whether model or prototype!

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