Aerial tour part three….

Today, I’ll cover the right hand side of the layout extension. Again, the track plan done by MR magazine was excellently done, allowing for expansion off the right hand corner of the original 4×8. For this side of the expansion, I had a two foot by two foot module to use, plus a two foot wide by eight foot long module. On the eight foot module was a large yard already down on the blue construction grade foam. Unfortunately, this module required a lot of reworking.

I wanted this to be my Dickinson yard, but I also wanted an industrial lead along the back for more switching possibilities. This I put in, with a freight house, a plumbing supply company, a fertilizer plant, and large grain elevator. To line up the start of the yard trackage with the end of the original layout track, I had to put in a gentle S curve, which worked and I think looks good as well. All track shouldn’t be, nor needs to be straight as an arrow.

Now for the two foot by two foot module. What to do with this space, as I definitely wanted to put something in here, namely I wanted to represent the huge extensive Electro-Met company which was located downriver from Dickinson in Alloy. What I came up with was to cut a switch into the yard ladder and run an industrial track up onto the two foot module, then placing another switch for a side track coming off this lead as another track for Electro-Met. However, after some thought, I decided to make this a team track for any number of different industries in the area. This was a plus in that I was able to route some otherwise unusable rolling stock to this siding.

So there you have it! The photos below show the entire right hand side of the layout:

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