Looking ahead….

With everything that has happened this year, including exceptional record breaking heat here and even worse air quality from fires throughout the Western states, this project won’t be started until next spring. This after our latest local forecasters predict an above average winter here on top of everything else.

The project I’m referring to is to add the last module section to the left end of the layout, and make it sort of a peninsula that will stick out into the aisle. The reasons for this are two-fold. One, this will allow more industries, will allow the use of this module, and in case of room for further expansion, will allow a bit of a break as a peninsula. Another reason to turn this module at an angle from the rest of this side of the layout is I just don’t have the length available to fit this in-line with the current layout.

What I have planned is what I’ve drawn below, of course not to scale:

In the top left photo, I would extend the siding into Paxton-Sullivan scrap to accommodate one more gondola. The siding on the top of the new module would go to a lumberyard, using the two buildings in the bottom right photo. These would come from Walther’s trackside oil dealer kit. The five tanks from this kit would go up where indicated as another part of Allied Chemical. The two tracks at the bottom of the module would go to Walther’s Paper Mill kit, to be used as a manufacturing plant. This industry would take coil cars of steel plus boxcars, plus hoppers of pellets where the tanks are in the photo top right. The lumberyard of course would take flats and all door boxcars of lumber. Finally, the open space at the bottom indicated would be the upcoming electrical substation from Woodland Scenics.

The mainline would continue straight to the edge of the module, especially for any future expansion. A #5 probably left hand switch would come off this leading down to the industries. A right hand switch would come off leading into the manufacturing plant, while a left hand switch would lead into the lumberyard. I have all the materials I believe necessary for building this entire module, except for the two kits and three switches. The only other material needed would be static grass. Look for this project to start next spring, with the help of a friend. Stay tuned…..!

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