JMRI and switch lists…..

Before I had posted here about downloading JMRI and using their “OperationsPro” component for switch lists. I hadn’t read or researched the program enough the first time to properly use the program for the layout, but after reading an article in the recent OpSIG magazine about using JMRI, I gave it another try. I still have one little thing to correct and figure out, but this worked a lot better today when operating the layout. Here is my switch list I used for the Hitop turn today:

Forgetting the actual date in the upper right hand corner, please note the upper left hand corner: “Penn Central Transportation Company, Switch list for Hitop, Valid 9/30/1968 11:58. The list shows spotting four hoppers up from Dickinson and pulling four loaded hoppers from Hitop. The X denotes where I need to figure out how to NOT have to pick up a separate locomotive for the return run. Stay tuned…….

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