Train time on the Hitop…..

Today saw some action with the Hitop turn, to Hitop and return to Dickinson yard. We started in Dickinson yard as usual catching both the yard job plus the road power for the turn to Hitop. The yard job had engine #7466 today, an ex-NYC GP9, while the road power was GP9 #7394. We snapped photos of each locomotive as shown below:

We then snapped photos of the consist today going to the mine at Hitop:

With the road power and cabin car tacked on, we caught the turn departing Dickinson, then followed him up the valley, and caught him again arriving at Spring Street:

With his inbound train parked on the main at Spring Street, 7394 ran caboose light up the Hitop to retrieve its loads, then pulled them down into the yard proper. We then caught the turn shoving the inbound cars up the branch to the mine:

Following the turn back down to the yard, we then snapped photos of him pulling his outbound loads out of the yard, running around his train, and pumping up his air for the return trip to Dickinson. We then saw the crew head over to Sam and Mickey’s for beans:

When the crew returned and departed, we followed him back to Dickinson where we caught him arriving:

So concluded another day of train chasing on the Hitop….

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