Next up on the Hitop….

With a round of winter weather coming, this next solo session will be postponed a bit. With that being said, we’ll be working the Nitro turn from Nitro to Spring Street and return. With the expansion next year Nitro will grow even more, with I hope three more industries to switch. This I’m hoping will keep one or two operators busy. The largest industry on the new module will be Campbell Manufacturing (sorry, but I have to get my name on something!), which will take in coils of steel and plastic pellets, and ship out boxcar loads. The other two industries will be a brick and block supply, and a lumberyard. I now just need the buildings and scenic cement, and I’m all set to go I believe.

Until the next solo session then, here’s 9806 tied up at the yard office and the crew’s switchlist for their day’s work. Please be sure to enlarge the switchlist to read!

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