Chasing the Morris Fork turn….

Today we were able to go out and chase the Morris Fork turn, starting in Dickinson yard. We were once again lucky to catch him in the yard before he departed as shown below:

As the photos show, the turn was taking three hoppers up to the mine, plus a Southern boxcar load for Morris Fork Hardware and Farm Supply. The turn today was also taking a caboose back to Spring Street to balance the caboose pool.

After departing, we followed him up the valley on the way to Spring Street, where, again, as always, the turn reverses direction to head up the Hitop Secondary proper. Photos below we snapped heading up the valley and arrival at Spring Street:

After reversing direction, we then followed the turn up to Morris Fork, as it climbed in elevation, twisting and turning around the many curves on the Secondary as shown below:

At Morris Fork, we climbed the hill above the mine and hardware siding to catch 7466 spotting his cars, plus pulling coal loads and an empty PC boxcar out. We then climbed down the hill, going over to the parking lot of the hardware snapping a photo of the Southern boxcar that was spotted:

That’s me btw in the bottom right photo, my better half took this photo! We finally followed the turn back to Spring Street where we caught him nosing around the curve past Armitage Furniture, then lastly, caught the turn again arriving back in Dickinson. One bonus to today’s chase was seeing this NYC boxcar sitting on track 4:

Stay tuned again for chasing the Nitro turn….

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