Next up….

Next up on the workbench is the other Athearn Genesis car mentioned previously, the RBWX refrigerator car. The car again right out of the box is shown below right in the series of photos. This car I was trying to simulate not one particular reefer of this class and road name, but a combination of three separate cars I have photos of. I wanted a fairly dirty, worn car, especially one with an older Great Northern logo. I started on this car yesterday, but have worked about half of today on it. The roof has three mediums on it: rust texture, rust pan pastel powder, and a watered down oil paint wash of burnt umber, then blended together, with quite a bit being taken back off with Q-tips to give the appearance you see below.

The car sides have a very watered down oil wash of burnt sienna to give the appearance of a bit of fading, with brown dirt color pan pastels streaked down the side while the wash was still just a bit wet. After all this was done, I lightly sprayed Vallejo dirt over the sides and ends to tie everything together. I’ve put the first sealant coat on the car, and will probably work on the underside tomorrow. I also will put ACI panels from BLMA on the car sides. I’ll of course post more photos as I progress, but for now, here is the car as it looks today. Note the spotted, dirty, grime look of the door in the middle row far right!

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