It’s not straight….!

Yes, that’s correct. Not everything in the real world is straight up and down, nor should it be on a model railroad. For example, the ground sifts and settles. People run into barriers. Sometimes something just isn’t built in a perfect straight line. The photo below on the Hitop illustrates this. The second pole up in the photo is leaning slightly. Notice the guardrail, someone has obviously backed into it at some point and knocked it out of line. Even track will sometimes be linked a bit, especially industrial trackage and particularly some lesser Penn Central track. Notice the kink in the track on the right between the second and third power pole. Elsewhere on the layout, there are a few signs that lean slightly, where drivers may have backed into a sign, or kids pulling on a sign. Another detail I’ve never seen modeled are road signs with bullet holes, as you see a lot out in the country! Always keep an eye out for how things appear in the real world, then transfer these to your layout!

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