Christmas in January…..

Yes, it feels like Christmas all over again! My box from Spring Creek Model Trains arrived recently via UPS. Inside were my GP38-2 from Athearn, Walther’s brick stacks, Walther’s paper mill, Bachmann static grass, and lumber stacks by Jaeger. Quite a large, heavy box!

The Walther’s brick stacks is actually a kit. You actually have to build each stack of bricks (3 pieces per stack). The kit comes with pallets, but as with the bricks themselves, you probably should repaint them, as they’re off color and too glossy in my opinion. I wish Walther’s would simply make these detail parts one piece!

Walther’s paper mill kit is heavy. It feels like this kit weighs several pounds by itself. When I opened the box my first thought was “what did I get myself into here”. My second thought was where are the detailed instructions? The instruction sheet is VERY basic with just a few exploded diagrams as shown below:

A few pieces in the kit are warped, so I’ll have to attempt to fix those. There are also it appears extra pieces to other kits in the box. One is a smokestack, which I do not see in the exploded views. Another is a huge, long wall section that also doesn’t correspond with the instructions, plus it’s the only wall section that’s a completely different color. Not sure what’s going on with the rationale here. Oh, well, I hope all the MAIN pieces I need are in here. One other note, the plastic seems to be thinner than past, older kits. We shall see how this turns out.

Finally, this kit is so big, I’ll have to paint everything I need to paint, then probably build it in sub assemblies and put it all together in the garage, then on the layout. It’s just too large to carry down and out as one assembled piece. I’ll post a blog piece with photos as this project progresses. Stay tuned….


  1. Originally, Walthers sold the entire Paper Mill complex as a single, huge kit. They have since broken it up into smaller, specialized kits. It’s possible that instead of redesigning the molds they decided it was cheaper to give you parts molded in a certain color that you wouldn’t need.

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