And it begins….

With the crazy, unpredictable weather in Colorado, you never know what you’ll get this time of year. Sixty degrees one day and snow and twenty degrees the next. With that being the case now for the next few days, I decided to start on the Walther’s paper mill kit. To refresh everyone’s memory, here is the finished kit:

Today, I started by painting all the ladders and railings that go into the tanks on the side of the building. This was a pretty quick job, using Vallejo medium yellow paint. Of course all this will be weathered before final installation. The parts as they looked after painting:

I’ll start on the actual building this week. I’ll be building this kit in sub assemblies, since the kit is so big (almost 2 ft long by almost 11” wide). I’ll then take the sub assemblies down at the proper time, and do the final assembly on the new extension.

All the parts in this kit finally are a decently molded color, so won’t require painting. I may though repaint the roof parts, as they really look like plastic, with some mold lines. Even though I won’t be painting the rest of the kit, I’ll certainly weather it before final assembly.

More on this kit as I get going on the build. Stay tuned…

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