Another piece in hand….

Several more items for the layout and expansion arrived Saturday. These are the grass tufts with weeds, green bushes, and yellow bushes from Martin Welberg Studios, and sold through Scenic Express. I’m anxiously awaiting warmer weather again to get some of these on the existing layout, as these products look outstanding! Very detailed and realistic looking. I’ll post another update with photos when these are placed on the layout, so stay tuned.


  1. I agree on the SuperTtrees, although I’m not very good at making them look right. I also use ARM Ballast but I mixed my ARM ballast with the WS and have not had any issues with the ballast floating. I will check out the Martin Welberg line. Keep up the great work.


  2. Hello Steve. Question for you. You seem to prefer Scenic Express over Woodland Scenics. Is there a specific reason as it seems Scenic Express is somewhat more expensive than WS?


    1. Good morning! Even though I use some WS products on the layout such as their gray ballast for gravel, and one of their pre-built structures, plus some vehicles, I prefer Scenic Express, such as their Super Trees, Super Leaves, and their carrying the Martin Welberg line, as I think their products look much more realistic. I also prefer real rock and cinders that Arizona Rock & Mineral carries rather than WS crushed shells. I’m awaiting WS pole line set to come out, as I would probably pick that up. I tried their newer fences, but found them lacking, in that even with drilling starter holes, some of the short mounting pins broke off, so even there, I prefer chain link and barbed wire fencing by Alkem. I do like some WS figures and have used them, I prefer Preiser again for their realism….

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