The Hitop gets a gift….

This past Friday, I received a gift from a mutual friend of the late Paul Sullivan. Two gifts actually from his estate. The two gifts were two Milwaukee Road locomotives from Walther’s. These are older releases, both DC only, so they’ll need decoders when finances permit. Paul was a huge Milwaukee fan, and had collected locomotives and other items from all his years at the original Caboose Hobbies.

The engines I received were an H10-44, and an H12-44, both of course in Milwaukee colors. The locomotives looked as shown below out of their boxes:

As Penn Central had both models from both NYC and PRR, I felt these would fit right into the layout. I’m sure these were never used on the Kanawha Secondary, they are an unusual addition, and useful in the tight industrial trackage in Nitro.

I started on the H10-44 today, masking everything needed, then painting the locomotive with MicroMark Grimy Black paint, actually made by Vallejo. I like grimy black, as it already looks like a faded, weathered black. One locomotive I plan to number and letter for PC, the other I will leave in PRR livery. The locomotive as it looks after painting below:

Stay tuned for more progress….

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