Project finished….

Today I’m posting about a second hopper just finished for a friend. Both cars are newer Tangent models, and are very nicely done! This car started out a brighter pink, obviously an ex-Ralston-Jefferson car, now is by AEX.

This car started out as shown below. My first step as always is to remove the trucks and couplers from the car. This time I left the couplers on however, and simply painted them later while attached.

The prototype I was trying to replicate is the exact car number shown below:

My next step was to fade this guy. For this I used a mixture of Vallejo light rust, white, and light grey, then sprayed the entire car except for the roof. I then went over the lettering and removed most of the paint I had just sprayed. I should back up a bit however. Of course before spraying, I taped off all the patches including patched lettering and numbers for AEX, plus the visibility stripes, and the ACI plates. Photos below:

I then left one side as is with the faded paint mixture, while the other side got a light, thinned out wash of acrylic grey to match this streaked appearance of the prototype. While I had the car upside down I went ahead and sprayed a base coat of Vallejo dirt over everything including the bays, coupler pockets, and inside the bottom of the car ends.

I then oversprayed these areas with a roof brown color followed by on the main frame sill and very bottom of the bays a black grey by Vallejo. This gave of course a graduated appearance of built up dirt and grime. When this was dry, I coated everything with a dirt brown colored Pan Pastel.

I then worked on the ends of the car, building up the dirt and grime with several spray applications, then added random rust spots plus rusted the railings with rust texture. At this time I also rusted the brake wheel and chain, plus added a bit of rust to the platform.

I also painted the couplers with Vallejo dark rust. I then turned my attention to rust spots and rust streaks along the car sides. These were done with rust texture immediately dabbed with Bragdon rust powder, then streaked down the sides with a flared blender brush:

Next, I turned my attention to the roof. This car I wanted to leave the roof hatches pretty clean, as if they had recently been replaced with new fiberglass ones. With this in mind, I sprayed some Vallejo dirt color lightly around the roof and roof walk while avoiding the hatches. When dry, I applied a rust wash around the edges of the roof walk, with a brown wash between the roof walk and hatches, plus up underneath the roof walk. I also applied a few random rust areas again covered with rust powder.

The trucks and wheels I did last, the trucks with a black grey/roof brown paint, and the wheels roof brown. The trucks when dry were coated with a dark rust Pan Pastel. Last but not least, everything was given a final seal coat. The finished car is shown below:

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