The chase part 2….

As promised, here is part two of our last day out chasing trains on the Secondary. We started out in different locations, myself in Nitro, my partner in Dickinson yard.

We were chasing both the Spring Street turn out of Dickinson yard and the Nitro turn up to Spring Street. Today’s power for the Spring Street turn was GP7 5675, while the Nitro turn had S2 9806.

My partner started out by getting a photo of the Spring Street just after departing Dickinson yard for Spring Street:

In the meantime, I was over in Nitro by the yard office waiting to follow S2 9806 going about his days work. I first caught him by the yard office before starting work:

The Nitro turn then pulled out, first pulling and switching cars out of Allied Chemical:

He then ducked into Paxton Sullivan salvage to get two gons full of scrap:

He then went into Holsum to pull out an empty PC hopper:

Then putting the train together, apparently the main generator blew on the unit! By this time the Spring Street turn was in the yard at Spring Street, so the dispatcher sent 5675 down to pull 9806 out of the way, then pick up his train to proceed to Spring Street. I then followed him down the valley where I caught him below, and again switching out the cars in Spring Street:

We couldn’t follow the turn back to Dickinson however, that will be next time! In the meantime, an employee in the know told me that 9806 would probably be shipped off dead in tow to either Collinwood or Juniata shop in Pennsylvania for repair…

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