Recent project….

I just finished a tank car for a friend, plus weathered up two other similar modern tank cars. My two cars are by Scale Model Trains, with excellent details. The model I finished for my friend is an Atlas Master Series car, also with excellent details.

As someone I follow who also does excellent weathering once stated, the newer cars from Scale Model Trains, Tangent, and ExactRail are beautiful, but the details break if you just look at them! That’s about the truth, as the details are very fragile.

All three cars of course started out as black. Per prototype photos I had, all three were faded to some degree first. All had their wheels and trucks painted, plus the bearing caps were all painted blue per the prototype:

My cars I previously added the visibility stripes made by Smokebox Graphics, while my friends car already had these applied. To carry out any patching and relettering as I did on two of the cars, I used Smokebox Graphics new modern tank car set.

I used these on one of my TILX cars as shown, as well as on the CTCX car:

As shown, I applied a thin light rust coat on one of the TILX cars. The other cars I did add some light streaks using grey Pan Pastels. It’s a bit hard to see in these photos however.

Finally, the couplers were rusted , with the brake wheel and chain on the CTCX car also rusted up. Kick up dirt spray was also added before the cars were sealed.

My two cars are too modern for my era, so I’m going to part with these hopefully after applying all the weathering. On to the next project, so stay tuned!

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