Construction started…..!

Well, it’s here! Construction on the new and last remaining module has been started and really pushed forward by good friend Tom C. Without his expert help, two-thirds of the entire layout I think wouldn’t have been built.

Tom took the last module to his home workshop, removed the top layer of Sculptamold not needed, filled in some holes, sanded the top of the module, built the legs, cut, painted, and installed the fascia, then delivered the module, installed the legs, and leveled it.

We then clamped the module to the existing layout. Next, we laid out some center lines for the cork roadbed and track. When this was complete, later in the afternoon, I did a little extra work laying out some of the cork and track. All this you’ll see in the photos below, including the final track arrangement.

I decided to use Atlas flex track and two Atlas #6 switches, plus Caboose Industries hand throw switch stands. The industry on the short siding in the right rear where the building with loading dock sits will be my brick/block/coal dealer, while the angled siding will be my lumber company. The main track going straight down the middle goes into Walther’s paper mill kit which will be Campbell Manufacturing. Finally, the right front corner will see the Allied Chemical tracks extended a bit, with more tanks and piping added, plus that barbed wire fence shown below. Photos below. There’s more coming, so stay tuned….!

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