Module progress….

I’ve been making progress on the last module this past week. I’ll again post photos here of the module from start to the current state. This week was spent drawing out the track centrelines, laying down cork roadbed, then installing the track. Next came installing the switch stands.

These past several days were spent laying out the base of the Walther’s paper mill, then attaching it to the module with track nails. I then glued all the walls of the kit together, squaring up everything, making sure all the clearances were good. Finally, I drew out on the top of the module where scenery materials and ground covers were going down.

Next will come wiring the module and painting the side of the rails with an airbrush, then of course cleaning the tops of all the rails. After that comes the ballast, which I’ll use more of the yard mix from Arizona Rock and Mineral.

Next steps will be ground cover, shrubs, any trees, and other scenic details. Along with this will be completing the paper mill kit. One point about this Walther’s kit, it is a HUGE building! The lumber company behind it is almost going to be hidden by it I’m afraid. The lumber company btw will be 84 Lumber, a company actually in the Kanawha valley.

Below are photos of the module. Stay tuned for more….

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