A bit more….

A bit more progress on the module this morning before the rain and fog set in. First , I added the other Walther’s track bumper on Allied Chemical’s storage track. I then added some patches of dirt and muddy patches to the brick and block company, then added the pre-painted and weathered coal conveyor. Also added around part of the building was some coarse ground cover from Woodland Scenics. I’ll soon add some spilled coal around this area, plus add my pallets of brick and concrete block.

I then added a few of the Martin Welberg weeds at the edge of where Campbell Manufacturing will sit, then added a bit different dirt down the length of 84 Lumber’s siding, and placed the pellet tank that’s part of Campbell Manufacturing in place. There will be more weeds down this length.

Next up, I cut and fitted my Bachmann Scene Scapes 2 mm static grass along the front of Campbell Manufacturing. I still need to finish the truck pad side of this, plus patch and fill in several areas. My shrubs by Martin Welberg will go along the front of the building.

Next up, and the last area to finish is obtaining some buff color gravel by Woodland Scenics to do the backside of the lumber yard. I’ll use a Blair Line loading ramp back here along this siding. Finally, a few more sections of barbed wire fence by Alkem will be installed, along with a patch of weeds to cover the seam by the brick and block company building you’ll see below.

Finally, I added some detailed garden hoses to the Alloy company houses over on the existing layout. Photos of all this work are below. Stay tuned….!

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