Following the Spring Street turn….

Recently, I was able to get out and catch the Spring Street turn once again. I caught him in Dickinson yard with old reliable GP7 5628.

This old gal is looking pretty rough and rugged. I’d like to find out some day from the crew just how many miles this locomotive has traveled. Anyway, this morning was a humid, hazy day in the valley as the turn was almost ready to depart for Spring Street.

In the consist this morning we’re three tank cars going back to Allied Chemical, plus two syrup tank cars headed for Holsum Baking. Also in the consist was an empty boxcar for Armitage Furniture to load up with furniture. Photos of the consist are below.

After the turn left Dickinson, I drove ahead and caught him halfway up the valley as shown here:

I again drove ahead and caught him coming into Spring Street where I watched him then spot his cars for Armitage and Nitro.

The turn’s outbound cars included tank cars from Allied plus a loaded boxcar from Armitage. I snapped a photo of the turn ready to depart Spring Street, then raced down the valley and caught him coming back into Dickinson. Another day of railfanng in the books….


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