In for maintenance….

In for maintenance soon will be GP7 5628 and GP9 7466 which both need headlights replaced, more than likely with … More

And a bit more…

Recently, including yesterday, I was doing a few more odds and ends on the layout. One was adding a few … More

Ten shades of black….

The title pretty much describes the locomotive fleet of Penn Central. From freshly painted diesels to absolutely filthy ones, Penn … More

Hitop happenings…

This week has found me doing some odds and ends on the layout despite some medical issues. I had recently … More

This week on the Hitop….

Another hot week here temperature wise, so working on projects inside. Most recent project is to finally change the number … More

The ProtoThrottle…..

Here we have the ProtoThrottle made by Iowa Scaled Engineering. The throttle is a beauty as far as design and … More


Unfortunately I must write this short post today on an issue that has cropped up several times. The issue concerns … More