Chase time….!

Today I was able to get out and chase some trains. Several to be exact, but I’ll just cover the … More

A tedious process….

A tedious process indeed! I’m speaking of building these laser cut wood pallets by GC Laser. I just started on … More

Finished, almost….

My current project is finished, except for its handrails and a future decoder. To finish this one, I sprayed a … More

Project started….

Yesterday, I started working on the H10-44 as shown in my previous post. First was taping off all the window … More

Next up….

As after the expansion is completed, there won’t be any other work along these lines, and as the original layout … More

Another piece in hand….

Several more items for the layout and expansion arrived Saturday. These are the grass tufts with weeds, green bushes, and … More

Coming soon….

Coming soon to the Hitop: more detail parts and scenery supplies for not only the expansion, but for the layout … More