And more….

More details worked on today, and/or completed. Completed is this extra set of tanks that will go in the extension … More

Details part 2…..

My detail parts previously mentioned arrived yesterday and were quickly put to use. I also rusted up some scrap rail, … More

Details, details…..

More scenic details are on the way. These include painted and weathered industrial ductwork, a set of 20 pallets, a … More

Module progress….

I’ve been making progress on the last module this past week. I’ll again post photos here of the module from … More

Construction started…..!

Well, it’s here! Construction on the new and last remaining module has been started and really pushed forward by good … More

Rolling stock….

This past week I was out on the layout as I posted earlier doing some track cleaning and maintenance. While … More


As of today, this car is finished. I weathered the other side this morning, plus finished the roof, and just … More