A little work….

In between extreme heat and extreme smoke from western forest fires, I was able to plant a few more trees … More


The latest project is now ready to deliver more goods from Proctor & Gamble in Ivorydale, Ohio (Cincinnati). On to … More


Here I present progress on weathering my Moloco NYC 50’ boxcar, plus the prototype I’m replicating: The prototype car I’m … More

Next project…..

Next project on the workbench is this Moloco 50’ NYC boxcar. I’ve had this for about a year I believe, … More

Email link….

There is now an email link for information about my Hitop layout, or any questions concerning weathering, or any sale … More

Rolling stock for sale….

I have today revamped the Weathering Depot page a bit, specifically with some extra rolling stock for sale. Please see … More

PNC 3403….

I’ve added another unit to the fleet. This one to add a bit of color and variety to the railroad. … More

Coming soon…..

Coming soon to the Hitop from the great guys at Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, Nebraska is this Athearn … More