Getting there!…..

With finishing up the Allied Chemical area, then building Electro-Met, the layout will be almost complete. I say almost as there will be small details still to add, and one big detail.

The big detail project left is the addition of all the trees by Scenic Express. Again, this project has to be done on a warm, still day. The small details are the addition of guardrails in several areas, which should be completed in the next two weeks.

The only other details to be added will be additional vehicles, which will be added here and there. Of course, I’d also like to add several more corn syrup cars plus one more chemical tank car. The layout is surely getting there!

Layout update….

Another decent day found me out in the garage working on the Allied Chemical area.  Today I started installing some of the piping that will run through the complex. Photos below:

The second project was installing the base for Walther’s machine shop which will become Electro-Met. This involved removing the ties from the stretch of track which are imbedded in the base. Work on painting the walls on this kit will commence on Monday. Photo below of this work:


Layout update…


Another warm weather stretch has allowed me to get some more work done on Allied Chemical. One item added was an extra section of chain link/barbed wire fence, along with a long gate section to Paxton Salvage as shown below:


Next, I glued down the gravel around and between the two loading racks and nailed down the new berm for the second set of small tanks:

Finally, I added some workers by Preiser. Here’s an overview of the work today:

I’m now working on the small pump house that will finish the Allied Chemical area, except of course for piping which I’ll add last. Stay tuned….

Another layout update…

Yesterday we had a warm, sunny day here, so I was able to get some more work done on the expansion. First, I installed the rest of the chain link/barbed wire fencing by Alkem as shown below:

Next, I finished the other part of the Water Street freight terminal to be used as the administration building for Allied Chemical, and placed it on the layout:

Finally, I placed a line of telephone poles along the right hand side of the expansion:

This pole line now extends down to the Blair line fertilizer plant. Next up, I’ll be starting on the last loading rack kit by Walther’s for Allied Chemical, as we’re in for a major winter storm with blizzard conditions the next two days. I’ll post photos when I’m finished with that project.

After the loading rack is completed, I’ll have just three kits to do: Walther’s machine shop, their truck served fuel distributor kit which I’m using the four small tanks with a berm, and the small corrugated office building which I’ll use as a pump house, all for Allied Chemical. With the addition of their piping kit on the way, I’ll be finished with the left hand side. Once the machine shop is completed, I’ll be finished with the right hand side. Stay tuned….!

Layout update….

Finally a warm day again to get some work done on the expansion. First order of the day was to get some accurate mileposts on the layout. For example, the west end of Dickinson yard was at milepost 139, while the far eastern end was milepost 140. On the other side, Nitro was at milepost 111. Photos below:

Next up was to glue down the rest of the concrete parking bumpers:


Next up was to test place the tall storage tank by Walther’s. On this tank, instead of the curved stairways that wrap around the tank, I used a tall, straight ladder from the Magic Pan Bakery kit. I still need in this area to finish the administration building for Allied plus build another loading rack by Walther’s plus finish the barbed wire fence and the gravel ground cover.


Next order of business was adding the last two bill boxes from Micro-Mark over on the left hand side:

Next up: install several small trees from JTT, several trees placed behind Doug’s Hideout, as the start of the row of trees that will extend along the back wall:

Finally, I placed several new vehicles from Classic Mini Metals, one a good memory from the past, a Jewel Tea delivery truck, that’s now over at Sam and Mickey’s grill while the driver gets lunch. The other vehicle is a 60’s model refrigerated box truck that’s over at Davis Wholesale unloading:

That’s it for today. Probably up next tomorrow will be working on finishing the barbed wire fencing and putting down a little ground cover. Stay tuned….

Layout update….

Here is another short layout update. With the snowstorm and below zero temperatures here at this time, I’ve had to of course spend time inside at the workbench. The last two days I’ve been working on several projects.

One project is the tall oil storage tank from Walther’s. I’ve been able to get the stairways going up the side of the tank painted along with all the valves and vents that go on the tank. I’ve also weathered the tank a bit. Photos below:

Next, I started work on what will be the administration building for Allied Chemical. This is the other half of the Water Street freight terminal by Walther’s. Since the building is molded in a God-awful glossy maroon, I decided to paint it with Vallejo rust color paint which turns into a very nice reddish brown color:


Unfortunately, there are 32 windows that need to be installed in this building, so there’s quite a bit of work left to do on this kit. Finally, I’ve added the decals to the milepost markers, and have sealed them:


More to come….!