Progress this week….

Due to some warm weather this past week I was able to get a few things done on the expansion. One big item was finally getting two-thirds of Holsum Baking built on the layout. Photos below show this progress. On this kit, I had to drill holes in the bases and tack/nail everything down as the bases were warped. Tacking  them down enabled everything to come out level. The walls were also warped so you’ll notice the black clip to keep the walls lined up. I still have to install/build the transfer building and install the storage tanks and all piping.

Next up was finishing the four tall narrow tanks that will become part of Allied Chemical. This was then installed on the layout. The piping coming out from the tanks I’ll try to tie in with additional piping going into other tanks, or into a pump house:

In the bottom two photos above you’ll notice the brown rock gravel. This is fine brown rock talus from Woodland Scenics which I’ll have to pulverize a bit more, as it’s not quite fine enough in texture.

Finally, I purchased some excellent chain link/barbed wire fence made by Alkem and have installed the first few strips as shown below. This is an excellent product made of fine stainless steel, but be careful when working with this product as it is fragile!

One additional note: yesterday I received two kits in the mail from Blair Line, their Pizzaland kit which will become a small bar named “Doug’s Hideout” over by the scrapyard, and their loading ramp kit which will become the ramp at Alloy’s team track:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for more updates!

An overhead view….

I was asked recently to take and post a few photos from an angle I hadn’t used previously, this being from the back of the original 4×8 layout. So last week, out came my phone to take these photos of both sides of the expansion. First I’ll start with photos of the left hand side (looking from the front of the layout as shown below:

In the top photo, you’ll see the mainline connection to the original layout with Armitage Furniture in the left foreground,with the small grill of Sam and Mickey’s on the other side of the mainline. The small restaurant is distinguishable by its rusted corrugated roof.

In the bottom photo, just beyond Sam and Mickey’s is the large Davis Wholesale, a regional food distributor. Beyond Davis is a cork pad where the larger Holsum Baking will sit, with its two unloading tracks where the covered hopper sits. Beyond the cork pad will sit Wilbur’s truck parts and service building, and behind is the new Nitro yard office. In the rear of the expansion is Paxton scrapyard on the right, and Allied Chemical on the left. The right backside of this expansion will be covered with super trees from Scenic Express.

One more view showing a closer view of the rear of this side. Now for the right hand side as you’re looking at the front of the layout. Photos below:

In the top photo you’ll see the connection with this side of the original layout. The triangular grassy area in the foreground will eventually be planted with trees. The “blank” spot in the middle of the gravel area is where Electro-Met will sit, along with an industrial water tower and a pre-fab electric substation.

In the bottom photo you’ll see the company houses on the left side of the track with behind it, the yard office for Dickinson yard which of course takes up most of this side. The short track on the right is the team track at Alloy which will have a loading/unloading ramp shortly. The open space beyond the yard office is where the freight house will sit, and beyond that, the fertilizer plant. At the end of the extension is the large ADM elevator.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned once again for more updates…..

Expansion update 11/25….

Today I have another short update on the layout expansion. Another building went in several days ago, this one from Walther’s. The building was actually in a kit in which a part will be used for Allied Chemical.

The kit is their truck served fuel distributor. Part of the kit includes four fairly narrow tall tanks which will be used as part of Allied. It also contains a small corrugated office building which I planned to use as the yard office for Nitro. It’s not an exact replica, but it’s pretty close.

The building is a fairly small building with a small extension. First order of business was to paint the walls, windows and doors, plus roof to match the prototype. Even though the building was small, it was a task to get the building glued enough to stay together as one wall was completely warped. This eliminated the idea of trying to use the base. I was finally able to get the warped wall into its slot in the roof. Last order of business was to add some window treatment from my parts box. Finished yard office pictured below:

After completing, I moved the yard office down to the layout where it would sit. I had already added some dirt ground cover from Scenic Express around the area of the office as shown below:

After placing the yard office, I added gravel around the area as well, especially for the parking area, plus went ahead and added the rest of the gravel road which would reach from the yard office over to Davis Wholesale as shown below:

After putting this ground cover down, I started on the vegetation on one side of the office. I used two different textures and colors of coarse turf from Woodland Scenics, then added some brush from pieces of Scenic Express’ super trees set. Photos below of the finished area:

Finally, I’ll add a few detail parts shortly, such as parking curbs for the employees, electric meter to the building, and perhaps a dumpster behind the building. Another building kit down, and only six more to go!! Stay tuned….

Another short update….

Again, with another warm day, more work was done on several areas of the layout. Several details were added to the layout, including this lady hanging her laundry at her and her family’s company house just outside Dickinson, West Virginia:


Next, some slow and resume speed signs were installed on either side of a broken rail on one of the mainline curves:


Next up was applying some more ground cover in several spots, first was putting down some dirt from Scenic Express near and next to where the new Nitro yard office will sit. I also put some more “gravel “ down behind where Electro-Met at Alloy will sit. Photos below:


Finally, using some of the Super Tree material by Scenic Express, I installed some heavy dense brush along with more static grass along the front edge of the expansion:


The next day or two will see the painting and building/ installation of the new Nitro yard office. Then I’ll start on a piece for Allied Chemical followed by building Holsum Baking. This is Walther’s Magic Pan Bakery kit, which will be a bit complicated as it has many, many parts, most of which must be painted. Stay tuned!