Short layout update….

Today I have a short layout update on installing the piping at Allied Chemical. This project actually took about four … More

Getting there!…..

With finishing up the Allied Chemical area, then building Electro-Met, the layout will be almost complete. I say almost as … More

Layout update….

Another decent day found me out in the garage working on the Allied Chemical area.  Today I started installing some … More

Layout update…

  Another warm weather stretch has allowed me to get some more work done on Allied Chemical. One item added … More

Layout update….

Finally a warm day again to get some work done on the expansion. First order of the day was to … More

Layout update….

Here is another short layout update. With the snowstorm and below zero temperatures here at this time, I’ve had to … More

Layout update part 3….

Another update on the layout today. Everything is on hand now to finish the layout, except for some picket fencing … More