Questions hopefully answered….

I’ve recently been asked by a follower some questions concerning two code 100 switches used on the layout with transition rail joiners. These switches are both curved switches I had to use to get the track plan to line up properly.

The switches I used had to have been Peco, as the points snap shut when thrown. I originally thought I used Walther’s, but Shinohara switches don’t have this feature. The two switches in question are these shown below:

In the left photo above, the code 100 switch is just out of view to the left, that connects the yard lead with the limestone ballasted main. In the right photo above the second code 100 switch is just in front of the locomotive where the passing siding starts.

Getting closer, and the to do list…

Getting closer to what you may ask? The answer is getting closer to staging a first official operating session with friends. As I slowly inch closer, I put together a to do list or more accurately would be a “must purchase first” list.

On this list are a few items still needed before running my first session. My first item was a circuit protector for the layout from NCE which is now in my hand. The second item is a booster unit from NCE that will enable five throttles to be used. This item is coming next month. Next on the list is one more locomotive which is also coming early next month.

Next is one additional bill box for the car cards (in my website and on the layout car cards and waybills are synonymous). Next up is getting the finished car cards printed. Next on the list is a wall clock, followed up by rubber floor mats, adhesive hooks for the fascia to hang the last items on the list: small clipboards which will hold the car cards/switch lists, and printed instructions for each switch job/turn.

I’m getting closer, so stay tuned….!

Progress this week….

Due to some warm weather this past week I was able to get a few things done on the expansion. One big item was finally getting two-thirds of Holsum Baking built on the layout. Photos below show this progress. On this kit, I had to drill holes in the bases and tack/nail everything down as the bases were warped. Tacking  them down enabled everything to come out level. The walls were also warped so you’ll notice the black clip to keep the walls lined up. I still have to install/build the transfer building and install the storage tanks and all piping.

Next up was finishing the four tall narrow tanks that will become part of Allied Chemical. This was then installed on the layout. The piping coming out from the tanks I’ll try to tie in with additional piping going into other tanks, or into a pump house:

In the bottom two photos above you’ll notice the brown rock gravel. This is fine brown rock talus from Woodland Scenics which I’ll have to pulverize a bit more, as it’s not quite fine enough in texture.

Finally, I purchased some excellent chain link/barbed wire fence made by Alkem and have installed the first few strips as shown below. This is an excellent product made of fine stainless steel, but be careful when working with this product as it is fragile!

One additional note: yesterday I received two kits in the mail from Blair Line, their Pizzaland kit which will become a small bar named “Doug’s Hideout” over by the scrapyard, and their loading ramp kit which will become the ramp at Alloy’s team track:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for more updates!