Unfortunately I must write this short post today on an issue that has cropped up several times. The issue concerns … More

Details, details….

It’s all in the details. Details on a model railroad in my opinion add a great amount of realism to … More

Bits and pieces….

Still in the hot dog days of summer here with temperatures in the low to mid-nineties, so not much going … More

JMRI update….

Well, I still have to learn the full ins and outs of the JMRI OperationsPro, but it’s coming along. The … More

During the dog days….

During the dog days of summer, when our air quality here is terrible with alerts, and it’s in the nineties, … More


Yesterday I finished the second project on the workbench, the Athearn Genesis tank car. This after adding some darker “dirt” … More

Next Up…

Next up project-wise is to finish building and installing more electric utility poles by Walther’s down the left side of … More

New addition….

A friend of mine recently visited the layout and brought with him some items he made, which are a welcome … More