Project #2….

Another car I’ve had that I’ve finally decided to weather today, or start on it anyway. The car is an … More

Another project….

Next up on the workbench is another car I had purchased from Spring Creek awhile back, this one a Walther’s … More

Does anyone remember?

Does anyone remember Jewel Tea Company? I purchased this mini-metals model of a 50’s model Jewel Tea truck that I … More

Another shout out….

I thought I’d post another shout out to the friendly owners and staff at Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, … More

A Follow-up….

Just a short follow-up to my previous post on the STS program. I’ve decided to stick with my PC themed … More

The Results are In….

So, the results are in from testing the STS program I posted on previously. Although the system does what it … More

A New Name….

With the new website theme comes a new name as well, to reflect my coverage and modeling of not just … More