Great news!

Great news recently for the West Virginia Secondary, idled by Norfolk Southern. This is part of Watco’s press release:

PITTSBURG, KS, May 20, 2016 – The Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA), a subsidiary of Watco Transportation Services, LLC (WTS) has reached a definitive agreement with Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS) to lease and increase operations on 309 miles of rail line in Ohio and West Virginia. The lines run from Refugee, Ohio (just southeast of Columbus) to Alloy, West Virginia, and Cornelia, West Virginia, to Mullens, West Virginia. The KNWA plans to begin the process of seeking approval of the transaction from the Surface Transportation Board (STB) today, and expects to begin operations in July of 2016.

“The Watco Team is excited to serve the Customers in Ohio and West Virginia,” said Watco Chief Commercial Officer Ed McKechnie. “Our team is prepared to offer our new Customers in the agriculture, energy and chemical industries the transportation service product they need to move their product to their end Customer.”

KNWA plans to return the entire main line between West Virginia and the Columbus area to daily operation. Norfolk Southern suspended operations on part of the line in Ohio in early 2016 due to declining rail traffic volumes, and rerouted traffic on other routes.



I just realized that I did not post this earlier. For those that have been following my blog/website, for those that did not already know, my layout was featured in the March issue of Model Railroader magazine. The article appears on page 48 of the issue. Some retail stores may still have  a copy on the shelf, or hobby shops should have it, along with of course Kalmbach’s website for Model Railroader.

This was my first article published in a magazine, but the second time I’ve been mentioned in a different magazine. My article was submitted a little over two years ago, so of course the layout has changed/evolved since then.

I’ve been very humbled having a project that took over two years finally come to fruition with being published, and I might add, MR approached me to submit the article. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done on basically the first layout I’ve completely finished. Well, to this point anyway…:)

I’m grateful for all the excellent help I had in putting this layout together. Hopefully you’ll see another article in print someday on the updated and hopefully expanded Hitop branch!

In closing, I’ve had people ask why I set up a FB page first for the layout, why I set up a website, and why I submitted an article. Well, the answer is simple. If I can show what can be done in a small space railroad-wise, if I can inspire someone to finally build that small layout, and if I can help someone with layout ideas, or that matter weathering and detail ideas, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do….:)