Rolling stock….

This past week I was out on the layout as I posted earlier doing some track cleaning and maintenance. While … More


As of today, this car is finished. I weathered the other side this morning, plus finished the roof, and just … More

Current project….

My current project for a friend is this new Tangent ex-PC hopper now owned by NAHX. This model already had … More

Recent project….

I just finished a tank car for a friend, plus weathered up two other similar modern tank cars. My two … More

Project finished….

Today I’m posting about a second hopper just finished for a friend. Both cars are newer Tangent models, and are … More

I thought….

I thought I was finished with my GP38-2 project. That is, until I stepped back to look at both it … More

One short project….

One short project today, while awaiting more cars to weather. I had previously purchased this ExactRail bulkhead flat, which is … More