Next project….

I recently pulled my Bluford Shops NYC transfer caboose to add a bit more weathering. Not quite finished, as I … More


Not quite satisfied with the weathering to date, I decided to work a bit more on my Intermountain PNC GP10. … More

A little bit more….

A little bit more weathering that is. PNC GP10 3403 went into the shop today for a bit more weathering. … More


Weathering you’re trains, a subject I’ll cover today. Most modelers I know want to, or have built beautiful layouts that … More


Yesterday I finished the second project on the workbench, the Athearn Genesis tank car. This after adding some darker “dirt” … More

Project #2….

Another car I’ve had that I’ve finally decided to weather today, or start on it anyway. The car is an … More

Another project….

Next up on the workbench is another car I had purchased from Spring Creek awhile back, this one a Walther’s … More