On The Workbench

“New” syrup tank cars…

in deciding to change my one industry to a baking company instead of a manufacturing plant, it dawned on me that I didn’t have any syrup tank cars. In looking at prices of cars starting around thirty-five to fourty-five dollars, I came up with another option.

i had an extra chemical tank car plus a molten sulfur car, both of which I didn’t need, especially the molten sulfur car. Both cars were the correct size and capacity for syrup cars.

I took both cars and repainted them in a grimy black. Then I painted the trucks and wheels. I ordered Microscale’s Cargill syrup tank car set for these two. After gloss coating both cars and applying the decals, I then sprayed a light dusting of grey on the cars as weathering. After sealing, these are ready to go to work on the layout.

On the workbench 11/7….

Currently on the workbench includes my Athearn GP9 7466 having the weathering reworked slightly, basically with more dirt added using Vallejo dirt color paint:

Included in the additional weathering was adding some dirt and mud splatter to the pilots and footboards plus fuel tank area.

Also on the workbench are my SOO line boxcar and one of my PC gons. Both had the wheels and trucks painted. I also added some grimy black in a thin spray around the doors and around the lettering as shown. An extra bit of rust spots were also added to the gondola:


On the workbench 12/2….

On the workbench currently is part of a Walther’s kit that is being used as part of the Allied Chemical complex. This is from their truck served fuel distributor, and the parts I used for the layout was the corrugated office now used as the Nitro yard office. Photos below:


The second part of this kit used is for part of Allied Chemical, this being the four narrow tanks sitting inside a berm with piping extending from it as shown below:


Now on the workbench is the start of Walther’s Magic Pan Bakery kit to become Holsum Baking. Photos below of some of the parts painted plus the first office wall completed:


Stay tuned for more updates on this building. Photo below shows the now completed office for Holsum Baking:



Next up on the workbench….

Next project just finished was a small kit from Blair Line, called “Pizzaland”. This kit I wanted to use as a bar to fill in a small spot across from Paxton Salvage. This kit filled the bill nicely, and was a breeze to build along with all the other kits from Blair Line that I’ve built. The small bar is now called “Doug’s Hideout”. Photos below:


Next project….

Up next to be built is Walther’s Water Street freight terminal. I lucked out on this kit as it has two separate buildings I can use in two different places. The freight station half with three freight doors I’ll use in Dickinson yard as my intended freight house. The two story building I’ll use as a warehouse or administration building over in Allied Chemical. Photos of this construction soon!