A few changes….

A few changes/additions to the layout this morning. I have a spot on the curve of the branch proper that had an overly large rock face, right in front of the layout. To make the appearance of trains  passing through the trees as they do in Appalachia, I have “planted” several trees on this curve. … Continue reading

Spring Creek shout-out …..!

Once again, as I approach another train show here in Denver, it’s time again to give the crew at Spring Creek Model Trains a big shout-out for their consistent, friendly service. As I purchase all my items now from Spring Creek, including the most recent car I’ve weathered, I’m still pleased every time I do … Continue reading

Attempted tour….

Yes, attempted tour of the layout that is. I have never given a tour of the layout in a video, but will attempt one as soon as conditions permit. I say attempt as I live in an apartment/townhome complex that has a constant turnover, so I never know who my neighbors are anymore. With this … Continue reading

The Hitop on the air….!

Yesterday, the great bunch at A Modelers Life put up a podcast interview with myself about the layout, how I got interested in the hobby, and a bit about myself. A high point of discussion was how I talked my wife into buying a larger car that had to sit outside our garage so I could take … Continue reading

Re-line that switch!

When operating on my layout, and running a road job or turn, I always stop my caboose at a switch and reline it for the proper direction, especially on the mainline. I guess this comes as habit from working on the prototype. Although not quite as disastrous and deadly as the consequences of not doing … Continue reading