The workings of Dickinson yard….

On the layout Dickinson yard is of course the major yard. During an operating session it’s a two person job, both helping to break down incoming trains, plus switching the  industries around the yard. Particularly Electro-Met and the team track as they’re off a facing point turnout. Meaning one crew and locomotive must pull the … Continue reading

On the Hitop this week

As promised, this post will be from the prospective of working on the Secondary and Hitop branch. This morning I got the call from the local crew caller based up in Charleston to work the Valley turn out of Spring Street yard. Up early enough for my other half to fix me a breakfast sandwich … Continue reading

Is it ever finished….?

That’s the question today, is a layout ever really finished? I made the error at a recent gathering of modelers where several asked how my Hitop branch was coming along, and I answered that it was almost finished. You can guess the response I received. If you guessed ” a layout is never finished”, you’re … Continue reading

A new perspective….

There will be a new perspective in the future starting with the next blog post, for both myself and all of you loyal followers. Since I used to work for a real railroad many moons ago, I’m going to write these blog posts and post photos from the perspective of working for the railroad. Hopefully … Continue reading

Railfanning the Hitop recently…..

We recently made it down to Dickinson yard early one morning and caught the Spring Street turn. We caught the road power first, then watched as the yard crew put the train together, then snapped a photo of the turn stopped at the yard office to pick up its orders and other paperwork: We then … Continue reading

A mess or?

Maybe not. What I’m talking about in this post is a recent individual session on the layout. I started in Dickinson yard with making up the Spring Street turn, with cars for the Spring Street switcher plus cars for Nitro. This operation took awhile for the Dickinson switch job to put together, as cars were … Continue reading