A trip to Morris Fork and back

This week we were able to get out and about for some railfan action. We started early as usual grabbing some breakfast at Sam and Mickey’s across from Dickinson yard. We then headed over to see PC GP9 7466 making up its train of empty hoppers for the Morris Fork mine and truck dump. We … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Penn Central…

A day late, but 50 years ago yesterday, the Pennsylvania and New York Central railroads ceased to exist, being merged into the Penn Central system. A merger that was started in the early sixties, finally culminated after many years of planning, squabbles, negotiations, and court battles. Formed from two companies that were already struggling somewhat, … Continue reading

This week on the Hitop

This week we pulled into Dickinson yard early in time to catch some rail action. We caught GP7 5628, an old veteran, and a regular on the branch, putting together the Morris Fork turn with hoppers and a GTW 40 ft boxcar filled with hardware for the hardware and farm supply. We followed the turn … Continue reading

That old adage….

That old adage that a model railroad is never finished seems to be true, and has come true for this modeler. Even for a small layout such as mine, there are always things on the layout to be fixed, changed, or improved, or all of the above. There always seems to be new products coming … Continue reading

Recently on the Hitop…

This week we once again got an early start, and started our day at Sam and Mickey’s grill for a hot breakfast. Then we headed over to the yard office where Bill the yardmaster was kind enough again to give us a line-up of what was in store for Dickinson yard this day. As we … Continue reading