Recently on the Hitop…

This last week we awoke early for a good breakfast one morning and decided to catch a run we hadn’t followed in awhile: the mine run to Morris Fork. While we weren’t in time to catch him coming out of Dickinson, we were able to catch him just turning onto the branch proper at Spring … Continue reading

This week on the Hitop…

This week we were able to get out both in the valley and up in the hills to follow the Penn Central action. We started out on a foggy summer day driving up to Nitro where we heard the Nitro job working. We were able to get close enough to catch him working the industries … Continue reading

Yesterday on the Hitop….

Yesterday we were out and about along the Secondary. We thought we’d check out Spring Street yard first to see if we could catch the Nitro job, and we did. We caught him just departing the yard headed back to Nitro with a PC 40 ft. boxcar and one scrap gon for Paxton Salvage: We lucked … Continue reading

The layout today….

Here are a series of photos showing the layout as it looks today, almost finished. I still need to add tons of trees plus some guardrails in places, particularly between the Nitro yard office and Davis Wholesale, but otherwise, it’s done!

The last one….!

Yes, the last one, as-in last building that needed to go on the layout, is now complete and on the layout. These photos below show the finished work. All that’s needed is to glue down the gravel around the building. This is Electro-Met division of Union Carbide: From the previous blog post, here are the … Continue reading

Recent layout progress….

I’ve been able to accomplish several tasks on the layout expansion in between bouts of winter weather out here recently. One small project was to weather the administration building and the white tanks in Allied Chemical, as the wife told me they  looked too clean, and you know, she was right! These were both weathered … Continue reading