Yesterday on the Hitop….

We were out yesterday on a warm but hazy day in the Kanawha valley to follow quite a few trains actually. We stopped at the Dickinson yard office first to get the low down on the days action. As GP7 5628 was putting a train together, we decided to head up the valley to Nitro, … Continue reading

The danger of social media….

Today I’ll discuss an issue I’ve experienced recently, and the dangers of posting on social media, including websites. The issue is criticism. Recently I’ve stopped posting on several model railroad pages on a well known social media forum, and have also stopped posting on one particular model railroad website. The reason? The reason is criticism … Continue reading

The Nitro job today….

After completing the work in Allied Chemical today, I had time to run the Nitro job for awhile. Here are a few shots of the action with old standby GP7 5628:

Short layout update….

Today I have a short layout update on installing the piping at Allied Chemical. This project actually took about four plus hours, laying out the remaining piping and all the separate valves and such. Then I had to measure some pieces and cut to fit, then of course glue everything together in rather tight quarters. … Continue reading

Getting there!…..

With finishing up the Allied Chemical area, then building Electro-Met, the layout will be almost complete. I say almost as there will be small details still to add, and one big detail. The big detail project left is the addition of all the trees by Scenic Express. Again, this project has to be done on … Continue reading

Layout update….

Another decent day found me out in the garage working on the Allied Chemical area.  Today I started installing some of the piping that will run through the complex. Photos below: The second project was installing the base for Walther’s machine shop which will become Electro-Met. This involved removing the ties from the stretch of … Continue reading