Layout update…

  Another warm weather stretch has allowed me to get some more work done on Allied Chemical. One item added was an extra section of chain link/barbed wire fence, along with a long gate section to Paxton Salvage as shown below: Next, I glued down the gravel around and between the two loading racks and … Continue reading

Another layout update…

Yesterday we had a warm, sunny day here, so I was able to get some more work done on the expansion. First, I installed the rest of the chain link/barbed wire fencing by Alkem as shown below: Next, I finished the other part of the Water Street freight terminal to be used as the administration … Continue reading

Layout update….

Finally a warm day again to get some work done on the expansion. First order of the day was to get some accurate mileposts on the layout. For example, the west end of Dickinson yard was at milepost 139, while the far eastern end was milepost 140. On the other side, Nitro was at milepost … Continue reading

Layout update….

Here is another short layout update. With the snowstorm and below zero temperatures here at this time, I’ve had to of course spend time inside at the workbench. The last two days I’ve been working on several projects. One project is the tall oil storage tank from Walther’s. I’ve been able to get the stairways … Continue reading

Layout update part 4….

Today I was able to get a few things done and down on the layout before the approach of another winter storm. One job completed was the addition of a piece of another loading ramp kit by Blair Line to finish the extension of the original Alloy team track dock:   Next, I was able … Continue reading

Layout update part 3….

Another update on the layout today. Everything is on hand now to finish the layout, except for some picket fencing for the company houses over in Alloy. I had purchased some white picket fence from Bachmann, but to be honest, it looks too toy like. I’ll be ordering some more realistic looking fence from JL … Continue reading