The Weathering Depot

Welcome to the new page on the website to showcase HO scale models weathered by myself to be offered on EBay, or on this site to fellow modelers. My items for sale will be noted as such here on this page, and can be purchased by contacting me under the “contact us” link. The first car completed was recently purchased by a good friend in Ohio! Photos here:


Another car completed!

Here is an Accurail PRR 50′ boxcar, type X58B. There are four types of weathering medium on this car, which took two weeks to complete. Complete except for semi-scale wheels which are on the way. Be sure to enlarge the photos to see all the grime and rust detail! This car not for sale…


Next Up!

My next project is this Intermountain Landmark covered grain hopper. Photos when finished with this one! Btw, on all my cars, I always, unless they come with fine running and looking metal wheels, replace the wheels with semi-scale wheels. I also , unless the car already has Kadee couplers, replace the couplers as well…

2017-07-19 11.30.21

Finished product: For Sale..

One week to completion. Two layers of dirt wash on this guy. Rusted couplers and brake wheel. Rust spots and grime, plus dirt splatter on ends, bottom sill, and under body, rust texture on areas of car, especially logos. Semi-scale wheels added. The price on this car: 35.00 for the car, 30.00 for time and materials. Buyer pays the shipping to lower 48 of US or Canada only please! Car is no longer for sale…


Another project complete!

Here’s my next project just completed, my Athearn Genesis PC GP-9. This loco started out with only very light weathering, mainly rust on the roof. I reworked the rust on the roof and cab sun shades, rusted the couplers, the exhaust stacks, and car body vents. Applied a black wash to the large PC’s on both sides to highlight the car body doors. Sprayed a dirt mix over the underbody and bottom sill. Applied dirt colored powder over the entire car body ala PC locos. Last photo shows how the loco started out. Locomotive not for sale.


A “beep” is done…

Here is the next finished model, an Athearn Genesis PC GP-9B. A week to completion as well on this one. Two layers of grime on this guy, including a dusting of dirt brown pan pastels as the top layer. Sprayed a grime mixture with mud splatter on the trucks, bottom frame, and underbody, plus bottom of pilots. I only need to add the ACI panels to the sides, and this one is ready to run at the next train show! Locomotive not for sale.


Next up!

This car is almost finished. Just awaiting decals to finish the roadname and number. Whitewash on car to fade paint, followed by a dirt wash. Underbody,  semi-scale wheels and trucks painted. Kadee couplers installed and rusted. Roof completely rusted with special rust texture. Rust spots on body. Patched areas for COTS stencils applied plus new roadname and number for shortline ALM. This car will possibly be listed for sale at a later date  Last photo is how the car started….


The Finished project!

Here are several photos of the finished ex-Galveston Wharves car, now ALM 2354, after one last coat of dirt brown powder on the sides of the car….


Next Up….

Next project in the works is a ScaleTrains TILX crude oil tank car. This car was taped off to create patched areas, then the car was faded with a charcoal grey using an airbrush. Wheels were painted and weathered. Safety striping from SmokeBox Graphics were added next. Today I added the appropriate placards. Only job left on this one is to purchase some blue paint to do the bearing caps, and this one is done! Photos of the completed car with painted bearing caps soon. For now, here is the current car. Update: this one is complete after painting the bearing caps and adding some rust to the car sides.


Another project complete….

Here is my latest project which I just completed. This one is an HO Scale Accurail PRR 50′ X58C boxcar, patched as PC 164370. The car was faded, then the PRR markings were patched with jade green paint. COTS stencils and new lettering applied, as well as BLMA ACI plates. Then the car was given a light dirt covering, while the underside, trucks, and couplers were weathered. A light rust texture was applied to the roof, along with some rust powder. The car doors were painted jade green and weathered. Finally, semi-scale wheels were added. Overall very pleased with this one!


Another locomotive hits the rails! Sold!

This time up I have an Atlas PC C425, just completed and sold to a friend. This one has faded paint, road grime, fuel, oil, and grease stains, ACI panels added, exhaust soot on roof, and rusted couplers. Three weeks on this project…

HO scale Accurail hopper: For Sale…..

This is the first of a series of covered hoppers that will be weathered and offered for sale. This car is an Accurail HO scale GM&O covered hopper. This car has the trucks and wheels painted and weathered, the couplers and brake wheel rusted. Car also has ACI and COTS stencils added. The car was weathered with acrylics, oils, and pan pastels. The price on this car: 25.00 for the car, 45.00 for time and materials. Buyer pays the shipping to lower 48 of US or Canada only please! Car is no longer for sale…


Another hopper completed! For Sale….

So here I have another of the hopper series completed. This one is an Intermountain HO scale Lincoln Grain hopper. Two coats of weathering went on this car, including airbrushing, oils, and pan pastels. The underside has been painted and weathered, the couplers and brake wheel rusted, some rust spots applied, new semi-scale 36″ wheels installed.  Price on this car: 35.00 for the car, 30.00 for time and materials. Buyer pays the shipping to lower 48 of US or Canada only please! Car is no longer for sale….


HO scale Walther’s Mainline boxcar: For Sale….

Here I have my latest project just completed, a Walther’s Detroit and Mackinac 50′ ft boxcar. This car has been done with acrylics and pan pastels. Coat of dirt applied to the entire car, then roof weathered. Couplers and brake wheel rusted. Under body painted and weathered. Trucks and wheels painted. New semi-scale wheels applied. Price for this car: 35.00 for the car, 30.00 for time and materials. Buyer pays the shipping to lower 48 of US or Canada only please! Car not available…


Just a quick note here: with the exception of the PC C425 locomotive, all the photos here will soon be replaced with photos of these finished cars on my layout….!

HO scale B&O coal hopper: For Sale….

Here I have an Atlas I believe B&O coal hopper with coal load. Car has been weathered with fresh paint patches as well to cover repairs. New semi-scale wheels and Kadee couplers installed as well as ACI panels. Price of this car: 25.00, 20.00 for time and materials. Buyer pays the shipping to lower 48 of US or Canada only please!



More projects recently completed!

Here are some recently completed projects. Several of these are excellent detailed Tangent cars. All of these were done with acrylic paints and an airbrush. There was a bit of pan pastels also used on the interior of the gondola. None of these are currently for sale…

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